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  • Professional copywriting, editing, content creation and project management for any audience.

    From huge enterprises to small non-profits, from Intel to the New York Times, I specialize in creating clear, accurate and jargon-free writing that will convey your content in the most professional and compelling manner. My expertise includes high tech, health care and science, government and non-profits, but I can write in any area you need.


    I will manage your project from start to finish, or work with your project manager to achieve the highest quality results. And I will meet your deadline. I will be straightforward about timelines and budget. We'll work together to get it done with the least amount of worry and with the most professional results.


    I am a people person. I build relationships with marketing managers, engineers, physicians, scientists, healthcare workers, customers, support staff and all who contribute to a project. Many people are working hard and care greatly about a project's success. I honor that with my close attention. I always strive to put forth my best work.



    Contact me: judyberck@gmail.com (503) 250-1880