• Technical Writing

    Often, technical writing involves gathering many existing sources and interviewing subject matter experts.

    I greatly enjoy working closely with engineers, product marketing managers, tech pubs staff and all who are involved in a project to get fully informed for the most accurate content.


    Click images for samples.

    Online Help

    For Tektronix. Produced complete help system for complex software from scratch and in a very short time-frame.

    Programmer Manual

    For Tektronix. Programmer manual for Tektronix's flagship oscilloscope lines.





    User Manual

    For Intel. Step-by-step guide to using Video Conferencing software.





    Training Guide

    For a Fortune 500 company. Created custom content for a group of engineers to make the best use of Microsoft Word.




    Reviewer Guide

    For Microsoft. Step-by-step guide to using Windows Mobile.






    White Paper

    For Intel.