• Client Testimonials

    I'm only satisfied when my clients are happy with their project. I will see you through.

    "In all our work together, I found Judy to be devoted to improving document quality and usability for customers. She is easy to work with, highly reliable and a quick study both for the products and the cutting-edge authoring tools. Judy displayed an impressive ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of subject matter experts. She got to know the people and won their support and assistance with her projects. She displayed equal skill working with extroverted product marketers and introverted engineers." - Mark Barnett, Senior Writer, Tektronix Technical Publications


    "Judy and I have worked together on some big embedded software projects, and I've always admired the way she digs down through the layers of unstructured babbling from us R&D folks to get at the core of the technology we're building--and then explains it clearly to our customers. She's as thoughtful about her network of collaborators as she is about the documentation itself, assembling an A-Team of experts in each part of the product to get that crucial extra round of technical review.​" Erin Dees, Senior Engineer, Tektronix


    "Judy is a talented writer who is extremely adept at quickly gaining the necessary understanding of complex technical products and skillful at communicating with busy engineers to get what she needs while respecting their time. She efficiently produced high quality user and programmer manuals as well as OLH under tight deadlines." Benjamin Ward, Principal Engineer, Tektronix


    "Judy was able to quickly raise the level of our team’s communications via our website, ppt presentations and documents. She is a quick study and worked very well with highly technical team members to develop and focus material under deadline pressure. She is flexible and very personable. I would recommend her for writing projects where the voice of the customer is essential." Mark Ozur, Partner Architect, Microsoft


    "Judy possesses a unique ability to quickly understand highly technical and complex information, organize it in a logical way, and translate it for a broad range of audiences. - Andrea Carlos, head of Writing Services, Waggener Edstrom PR and Marketing


    "Judy always delivered clearly written and detailed product documentation on time. This was a challenge given the need to extract the technical information from engineering teams under pressure to meet their own project deadlines." -Julie Donnelly, Program Manager, Intel


    "Judy is an excellent writer who can turn the most twisted technical jargon or marketing hype into engaging prose. She is highly professional in client contacts, tenacious, and gets great results. She also has a killer sense of humor." -Kathryn Scribner, Intel Flex Services Project Manager